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What I Do

A rough breakdown of what my time & energy is spent on, and where my income comes from.
I'm a massive geek, so naturally my activities reflect that.

I have a mundane office job. Hopefully not for long.

I'm currently in the early stages of creating a personal development site aimed at helping people get the life they deserve, and become a PC, not an NPC.

I've also got some tabletop games that I've been working on, and will eventually publish, plus some ideas for fiction that may also see print one day.

Finally, I've got a few other things on the back-burner, such as the outline for some stories, etc.

  • Boring Day Job

    Crap that I'm working to get out of.

  • Coaching and personal development courses for geeks.

  • Producing fine tabletop games, for geeks.

  • Other

    Everything else that I'm working on.

My Latest Projects

What I've recently been focussing on the most.

Games 4 Geeks

MTG & more.


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