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Savage Worlds – Wound Variant

Something I unearthed from my files recently, a gritty wound system for Savage WorldsThese are essentially a mash-up of the wound system from Solomon Kane and ‘Gritty Damage’ rules from ‘The Moscow Connection‘. Basics Damage rolls less than victim’s Toughness have no effect. Damage at least equal to victim’s Toughness makes them Shaken, and gives Read more about Savage Worlds – Wound Variant[…]

RPG Settings Are Social Contracts

Recently I came across a forum post where a GM was complaining about a player who got a bit tetchy about anything where the game fluff was diverging from the official fluff of the setting.

The tone of the original post seemed to be a case of the GM thinking, “Hey, it’s my game, I can change stuff! And why is he so keen that I follow the official version anyway? Is he looking for an advantage over those who don’t know the setting so well?”

Is the GM in the right? Or is the player in the right?