Savage Worlds – Wound Variant

Something I unearthed from my files recently, a gritty wound system for Savage WorldsThese are essentially a mash-up of the wound system from Solomon Kane and ‘Gritty Damage’ rules from ‘The Moscow Connection‘.


  • Damage rolls less than victim’s Toughness have no effect.
  • Damage at least equal to victim’s Toughness makes them Shaken, and gives them one level of Wound per Raise.
  • Wounds cannot be Soaked.



Any level of Wound will Incapacitate an Extra.

Wild Cards

On Wild Cards, Wounds have two effects;

  • First, each level of Wound gives a cumulative -1 penalty to Pace and all Trait tests, to a maximum penalty of -3.
  • Second, any Wound received by a Wild Card requires them to make an immediate Vigor roll (affected by Wound penalties). If the Vigor test is passed, there are no extra effects. If the Vigor test is failed, the character is Incapacitated and suffers additional effect based on the level of the Wound which caused the failed test.

Wound Levels

Level 1 Wound = Battered and Bruised. Character is Incapacitated, but may make a Spirit roll at the start of each round, where success means the character is Shaken rather than Incapacitated.

Level 2  Wound = Incapacitated. Character is Incapacitated and out of the fight and must roll on the Injury Table below.

Level 3 Wound = Bleeding Out. Character is Incapacitated, must roll on the Injury Table, and must make a Vigor roll at the start of each round. A raise means that the character no longer needs to roll each round, but is still out of the fight. Success means the character remains Bleeding Out and should roll again next turn. A failure means that the character is no longer Bleeding Out, and now has a Mortal Wound, as per a level 4 Wound.

Level 4 Wound = Mortal Wound. Character is Incapacitated, must roll on the Injury Table, and must make a Vigor roll each round. No additional effect for a success, but failure means that the character dies. If the character receives a successful Healing check to stabilize, then the test each round is no longer required.

Level 5+ Wound = Fatal Wound. The character is killed.

Injury Table (2d6)

2 = Unmentionables (no additional effect, apart from RP)

3-4 = Arms (random arm useless until healed, gives One Arm Hindrance)

5-8 = Guts (d6: 1-2 = drop Agility,  3-4 = drop Vigor,  5-6= drop Strength)

9-10 = Leg (gives Lame* Hindrance)

11-12 = Head (d6: 1-2 = Ugly Hindrance,  3-4 = One Eye**,  5-6 = drop Smarts)

* if already Lame, replaces it with One Leg.

** if already have One Eye, replaces it with Blind.



Each Wound is a separate effect, so multiple rolls per round may be required.

A Wild Card who has no Wounds may attempt to heal an injury. A raise on this removes the effect, a success means no change, a failure means that the injury cannot be healed by that method (natural healing, Healing roll and magical healing are all different methods).

What do you think? Any good to you?

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  • Unnaturalphilosopher

    Love it. I have my own homebrew adapting the Deadlands system.